Three home vaporizers to win over your guests

Vaporizadores de interiores de diptyque

Christmas is approaching. During these days we have seen how the streets have been illuminated until dyeing the city with color. Some trees are already decorated with garlands and little by little the first carols begin to sound. How much we love this time of the year!

These dates are to enjoy surrounded by the people you love the most, and that's what we are going to do! The little ones will send their letter to the Three Wise Men and the pages will be in charge of making their dreams come true. Others will be the ones to decorate the house so that everything is ready. And, a few of us will be the ones to prepare those family celebrations where every detail is taken care of. And you, are you a hostess this year?


A Christmas full of flowers


When those Christmas lunches and dinners full of reunions, hugs and the occasional toast arrive, you can surprise your guests with diptyqueindoor steamers. They are home air fresheners that contain the best known essences of the firm and that will give a very personal touch to your living room. Today I propose you three different fragrances for these dates because, for me, Christmas has to be full of flowers:


Indoor spray 'Roses' by diptyque


A true classic. It is a combination in which the Damascus rose and the Centifolia are the protagonists. These two flowers have the privilege of being the most prized in perfumery and it is because their aromas give off a unique warmth. This delicate and refined vaporizer is perfect for a special occasion.

Indoor vaporizer 'Tubéreuse' by diptyque


It is sensual and intoxicating, a favorite of the most daring people and lovers of intense fragrances. How to define it? I think that those who discover it feel something like love at first sight. Tubéreuse makes you fall in love. Spikenard, its main ingredient, gives off a captivating and original aroma that will leave no one indifferent. This room spray is inspired by Eau de Toilette Do Son by diptyque, a sensory explosion that has become one of the icons of the Parisian House.

Indoor vaporizer 'Mimosa' by diptyque


If I had to define it in one word, it would be irresistible. This indoor vaporizer makes you travel to paradise. Unwittingly, you will find yourself on the French Riviera, where mimosas grow in a landscape where you can see the sea in the distance. It makes you relax and disconnect, and invites you to savor every moment. It is sweet, warm and, above all, very pleasant. Yes, almost as much as Christmas.


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