Discover U/1st in Abanuc

U/1st When Makeup Meets Skincare. A vegan brand that celebrates the uniqueness of each one, challenging the conventional standards and promoting the authenticity of each person.

Wearing a makeup and taking care of the skin at the same time, it was never so easy! Designed for those who want to get away from conventional beauty canons

If we had to define U/1st in 3 words, they would be minimalism, sophistication and naturalness. The Perfect fusion between makeup and skin care

Thanks to its formulation, enriched with ingredients such as retinol, he hyaluronic acid and the vitamin C, this makeup offers a Extra treatment to complete your skincare routine.

What we love? That their formulas are not comedogenic and take care of the skin both in the short and long term, complementing the routine of facial care and its easy application, which gives us the freedom to make up at any time and place, without the need for brushes or mirrors.

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