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Hermetica was founded by John and Clara Molloy with the inspiration of alchemy that sought to transmute precious metals and find the elixir of life. His conviction is that the right perfume starts from the chemical connection between the fragrance molecules and the skin.

There are four collections:

DRY WATERS: A collection inspired by the floral waters traditionally used in perfumery. Its molecular preparations are based on rose, lotus and orange blossom. Three are its perfumes: ROSEFIRE, MULTILOTUS and MEGAFLOWER.


EMERALD STAIRWAYS: This collection is inspired by "The Emerald Tablet", the book of alchemy. Three shades of green that denote life, nature and energy: JADE888, SPICEAIR and GREENLION.

THE DOOR: Inspired by a secret entrance that transports us to a new world of possibilities where woody notes are transformed and modernized: CEDARISE, SANDALSUN and PATCHOULIGHT.


VERTICAL AMBERS: A fragrance inspired by the connection of the earth with the immensity of the cosmos, the sun, the moon and the stars. Warm notes of amber, vanilla and oud. Four perfumes: REDMOON, VANINIGHT, VERTICALOUD AMBERBEE.

SOURCE. It is the origin, the perfume found in all hermetica fragrances - with a concentration of between 20% and 60%. It can be used alone or over any other perfume.

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