LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRESbases its olfactory creations on the transformative power of perfume. Fragrances not only have the power to express how we feel and who we are, but they also condition our mood.

For Philippe di Méo, creative director of LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES, perfumes are stories capable of awakening different memories and sensations in us. This creative process gives life to fragrances full of contrasts and persistent aromas and with a lot of personality.

Philippe di Méo was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian use of scents. This civilization was the first to create perfumes. They burned aromatic oils that gave off smoke, through which they sought to communicate with the gods. Thus they connected the most carnal part of the human being with the spiritual part of the gods.

Hence, the word perfume, which in Latin means 'per' by and 'fumare' through smoke.

LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRESleaves nothing unturned, so the design of its bottles and caps is a recreation of the ancient amphorae used by the Egyptians to burn oils. One more tribute to the origin of perfume.

Philippe di Méo explains his perfumes through trilogies that exalt emotions, evoke sensations and have components in common. Each trilogy is inspired by a story, a place or a memory common to the three perfumes in the collection.

Did you know that the talisman, the LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES logo, is much more than a graphic? It is a sign of identity. It represents the duality between the masculine and the feminine and how opposites complement each other as part of a whole. In addition, the three legs of the M symbolize the trilogies. It is the key to open this imaginary world full of aromas and emotions.

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