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"Perfume is a souvenir, Memo is its memory". "Perfume is a memory, Memo is its memory". So begins the story of Memo Paris, a French House of fragrances founded in 2007 by the married couple Clara and John Molloy.

Great fans of traveling the world, the founders of this brand (she, a half-French, half-Catalan poetess, and he, an Irish globetrotter) understand each of their perfumes as a journey, which is why they have forged the Memo Paris identity around magical destinations and exceptional raw materials. Hence its motto: "The journey is the destination".

Memo is short for 'memory', for 'memory', for 'wake'. Through its four collections - Les Échappées, Cuirs Nomades, Graines Vagabondes and Art Land - the brand draws the map of a sensory world full of emotion, in which fragrances, ingredients and sensations stand out.

'Les Échappées' (The Escapades) is a collection of "six mooring points" ranging from Chic and bohemian Paris to the heart of Burma. 'Cuirs Nomades' (Nomadic Hides) explores the leather notethrough six emblematic destinations, located between Africa and Italy.

'Graines Vagabondes' (Traveling Seeds) seeds the scent of natural seeds, such as sesame, still a peculiarity in perfumery. And finally, 'Art Land' reveals a more aesthetic facet of Memo Paris, paying homage to mysterious territories transformed by the artistic hand of man.

To create the perfumes, Clara, leader of the Memo Pariscreative team, writes a story and it is the narices with whom the firm collaborates who design the fragrance in question. In many cases, a word inspires them to choose a note.

In addition to exceptional perfumes, the Parisian House also has a collection of scented candles and a line of cosmetics for the body and hands.

If we think about the brand's philosophy, its three basic pillars are travel, dream and celebrate.

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