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Maison Francis Kurkdjianwas born in 2009from the union of Francis Kurkdjianand Marc Chaya.

Francis Kurkdjian, world-renowned visionary and passionate perfumer.



At 15 years old, Francis Kurkdjian already dreamed of becoming a recognized perfumer.

Perfume, his undisputed passion, constantly leads him to want to break the mold, to release the fragrance from its bottle and to open doors that lead to new olfactory landscapes.

Each person, depending on his desire, can go from one composition to another. For Kurkdjian, the idea of having a single fragrance is outdated, so he plays with the concept of "olfactory infidelity". The same person may want a minimalist fragrance, an elegant floral, or a redesigned oriental...; depending on the time of day or simply your mood. A perfume for every day...

The three conceptsthat define Maison Francis Kurkdjianare creativity, Made in France and point-of-sale expertise.

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