Bibbi, a sensory journey into the perfumed subconscious.

Submerge yourself in Bibbi, where fragrance becomes poetry. Each perfume is an open door to the deep connection between nature, people and your subconscious.

Stina Seger, known as Bibbi, founder of the eponymous perfume brand, fuses her passion for design with a deep spiritual connection and a meditative journey that took her from Sweden to magical Paris. His experience on a remote island and his studies in anatomy and physiology marked a crucial shift toward understanding the connection between the spiritual world and the human body.

Bibbiis the reflection of Stina's subconscious experiences, embodied in unisex fragrances handcrafted by the world's best perfumers.Each perfume is an olfactory narrative that invites everyone to be part of this fascinating journey into the subconscious, where deep connections and a Klein blue universe blend together.

bibbiis Stina and Stina is Bibbi, a merged identity reflected in a collection committed to quality, transparency and sustainability. Each bottle of Bibbiis a promise of natural perfumes of the highest quality, backed by environmentally friendly production processes and a philosophy that respects nature and people.

Join this sensory journey, where ethical values guide each creation, and discover the promise of perfumes that transcend convention.

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