"Perfume is a souvenir, Memo is its memory". "Perfume is a memory, Memo is its memory". So begins the story of Memo Paris, a French fragrance House founded in 2007 by the married couple Clara and John Molloy.

Great fans of traveling the world, the founders of this brand (she, a half-French, half-Catalan poetess, and he, an Irish globetrotter) understand each of their perfumes as a journey, which is why they have forged the Memo Paris identity around magical destinations and exceptional raw materials. Hence its motto: "The journey is the destination".
"The journey is the destination" is not just a slogan, it's a statement. A philosophy that permeates every scent of Memo Paris.
Each fragrance is designed to capture the essence of faraway places and unforgettable moments. From cool Mediterranean breezes to lush tropical rainforests. A unique olfactory world map that transports you to exotic places just by closing your eyes and spraying the fragrance.

Fancy a hot air balloon ride over spectacular Cappadocia? Or dancing a moonlit tango in Argentina?

The richness of India, the art of Andalusia, the Parisian elegance or the vastness of the Egyptian desert... A brushstroke of everything you're in for a treat Memo Paris.

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