Hourglass, a simple and elegant way to scent small rooms in your home.

You only have to turn it to start a new scent diffusion cycle, which lasts, approximately, one hour: 'the hour diptyque'.


In addition to aromatize small spaces for several months, these diffusers are, at the same time, sophisticated decorative objects.

How do they work?

  • Remove the cap from the container containing the fragrance.
  • Attach the two glass jars to the central structure of the Hourglass. The container containing the fragrance should be at the bottom of the container. Make sure everything fits tightly before you start using it.
  • To start the diffusion cycle, rotate the diffuser, leaving the container containing the fragrance at the top. Do not turn the Hourglass until the cycle is finished.
  • We recommend that you do not place your diffuser on wood, old paint or marble surfaces.
  • You can recharge the Hourglass once with the same scent.