CLIVE CHRISTIAN bases its fragrances on two fundamental pillars: creativity and craftsmanship.

CLIVE CHRISTIANis one of the oldest perfume houses. Founded in 1872, its perfumes are highly expressive and personal.

Founded over 150 years ago by William Sparks Thomson, one of London's leading corset makers at the time.

Thomson discovered that due to the tight fit of his garments, ladies often fainted, which led him to create lavender-based smelling salts to help revive his female customers.

In 1872 he founded the Crown Perfumery, the year in which Queen Victoria, his most famous patron, granted the use of the image of her crown on his perfume bottles.

An image that continues to define every bottle of perfume to this day. Queen Victoria's crown stands proudly as the cap of each perfume. It is a lasting memento of a token of gratitude, celebrating a very special personal relationship with one of Britain's greatest monarchs.

In 1999 The Crown Perfumery was resurrected as CLIVE CHRISTIAN.

Using the most exquisite ingredients, with complex formulas and the finest craftsmanship, this British perfumery brand crafts its fragrances to stand the test of time.


Did you know that great historical figures such as Ava Gardner, Grata Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Oscar Wilde or Winston Churchill chose CLIVE CHRISTIANfor their perfume.

Their aromas not only have great persistence thanks to their complex compositions and their high concentrations of essences (between 20 and 25%, which translates into more than 8 hours of fixation), but they are also totally temporary.

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