Scented candles

Scented candles are the perfect accessory for several reasons: they illuminate, give off exquisite scents, provide warmth wherever they are lit, decorate, and are ideal for gifting...

Candles have always existed, in ancient times they were already used in ceremonies or religious cults. In addition, thousands of years ago they began to be lit as a sign of respect for certain distinguished people.

Although those traditions still continue today, there are many other ways to enjoy candles: with them you can perfume every corner of your home, your office, the office, a store, a restaurant, the reception of a hotel...

The selection of scented and aromatic candles that you will find in ABANUC will make you dream with each of its fragrances. Do you think it is possible to concentrate in one of them the scent given off by a wild orchard of fig trees? And a boulevard full of Mexican orange trees? And an English garden full of Bulgarian roses and the foliage of black currants?


diptyque, BYREDO, Miller et Bertaux, (MALIN+GOETZ) and Memo Paris will perfume every day of your life with your favorite scents. Are you ready? Just light the fuse and let yourself go... Candles will be your new addiction!

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