Floral Perfumes

Perfumes and floral fragrances are a classic in perfumery. They have always been there and they will always be there because they understand not only women, but also men!


And it's hard to go wrong when it comes to giving a floral perfume as a gift. This olfactory family is characterized by fresh, delicate, simple -not simple!-and, above all, very pleasant. In general, we associate them with anything that smells clean.

The raw materials most commonly used in the formulation of eau de cologne or floral perfumes are rose, the jasmine, the azahar, the nard, the violet or the ylan-ylang.

Within the wide variety of floral fragrances, some are fresher and others are more intense. Some with a citrus touch whose freshness makes them irresistible, others more woody or spicy...

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