Hand cosmetics

The best cosmetic products to moisturize and care for your hands.

Some people can't help fixing their eyes on the hands of someone they've just met, the person they're talking to, or a family member. And you, do you do it too?


Hands reveal many things: the age, the hygiene of the person, how detailed they are, the importance they give to hydration, their interest in nail care...


Whatever we are, this area of the body must also be kept in shape. We may not all have time for too many frills, but you should always find time for hydration.

The skin of the hands is one of the most sensitive of the body, since, on a daily basis, it is subjected to all kinds of external phenomena: temperature changes, solar radiation and direct contact with chemical products; among others, cause its premature aging.

In addition, the hands are the protagonists of almost all our daily activity: it is impossible for a day to go by without us having used them for something. That's why it is essential to pamper them daily!

That's why there are wonderful cosmetics, like the ones ABANUC has selected for you: the vanilla and orange peel hand moisturizer by GROWN ALCHEMIST smells so good and its texture is so pleasant that you won't be able to live without it once you try it.

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