Did you know that the origin of hair washing shampoos is in India?


This age-old hair care tradition inspired ABHATI to create this hair collection free of sulfates, silicones, mineral oils and parabens that protects the hair and increases its healthiness.

From sacred hair oils, solid shampoos for all hair types, conditioners and combs created with the greatest care and attention are the products you need to meet all the needs of your hair.


Did you know that 'Chambal''Chambal hair oil is oil-free, balances the pH of your scalp and helps with psoriasis? You can also apply it from mid-lengths to ends before styling your hair to define it and make it shiny and healthy.

All hair products contain our patented ABHATI ComplexTM, a unique formula that combines wild plants hand-harvested with cold-pressed oils of long tradition to naturally replace the lipids found in hair. Thanks to its small molecular structure, our patented complex directs key nutrients and potent natural ingredientsto the hair shaft, creating a barrier of optimal protectionfor healthy, strong hair.

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