Makeup removers

In the evening is the time when skin cells regenerate, which is why cleansing and removing makeup from the face is so important.

If we do not do this, the pores will become clogged and we will be more likely to suffer from acne, have dehydrated, sagging skin or it may even become sensitive. Now then, what kind of makeup removers do you like to use?


For those who love cream make-up removers the make-up remover cream by diptyqueis perfect. However, for those who prefer to use balms 'The Cleansing Balm' by Augusitnus Bader, the 'Cleanser' and the 'Gel Balm Cleanser' by EVE LOM are ideal.

If you prefer to remove makeup with an oil, try the cleansing capsules from EVE LOM and the cleansing oil from (MALIN+GOETZ),


If what you are looking for is a specific eye makeup remover, the detox eye makeup remover by Grown Alchemistis all you need.

Do you like to use muselines when you remove your make-up? This is a very good option since you will be performing a small daily exfoliation!

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