Scents and perfumes for the home

Diffusers, vaporizers, scented candles, scented ovals... Scents and perfumes for any environment - for the home, the office, the car or any space - that leave no one indifferent.

Do you consider your house a house or a home? If you think it's a home, you probably already have in one of your favorite corners a candle, a diffuser, a vaporizer... In short, scents and perfumes for the home.

If you think it's a house, maybe you need to add some of these products to turn it into a home. At ABANUC we have them. And we're convinced you're going to love them.

Because it's not the same as coming home from work and the living room curtains giving off a faint smell of tobacco because someone smoked there the night before or, conversely, smelling of tuberose because your partner has perfumed the sofa cushions with the Tubéreuse vaporizer by diptyque.

That's what ABANUC home fragrances are for, to mitigate all kinds of odors and, moreover, make your homecoming - and, above all, your stay at home! - one of the most rewarding experiences of the day.

And not only textile vaporizers perfume homes, offices or dentist's waiting rooms; so do scented candles, cold diffusers, electric diffusers, scented ovals...

These products are the perfect decorative element to give a chic and sophisticated touch to your favorite corners: the bedside table, the sideboard at the entrance of the house, the bathroom shelf or the office table.

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