Combine two candles to create a unique aroma

Combina dos velas para crear un aroma único

Are you tired of the same candle fragrances? Do you want to play and innovate with the scents you like the most from diptyque? If what you want is to change, innovate or play with the aroma of your favorite candles, we present the diptyque candle duos.


By using two candles of different fragrances, their scents are combined and as a result we have a completely new and different scent.

Do you want to know which duos we like best to scent the home?


Through its collection of scented candles, diptyque seeks to preserve the universal memory of the scents of nature and knows how to reveal, with simplicity, the olfactory richness of raw materials, and reproduce as faithfully as possible the original aromas of nature.

Candle after candle, a herbarium of exceptional scents has been created: a unique palette of nearly fifty candles. Each one can, by combining two of them, compose its own smell landscape. diptyqueinvites you to a journey of the senses in an imaginary garden, where all facets of the natural world meet.

  • "The Silk Road"

    "Ambre" candle + "Musc" candle

    One of the oldest roads in the world, the Silk Road crossed Asia and North Africa on its way to Europe. The precious fabric was transported thousands of miles along with musk, amber and balsams that perfume the air with their captivating notes.

  • "A Romantic Garden"

    Candle "Baies" + Candle "Roses"


    A wild garden where shrubs and flowering roses mingle. The spicy green accents of freshly harvested berriesrexalt the floral and gently spicy aroma of fresh roses. A harmony of flowers and leaves on a beautiful summer day.

  • "A Celebration in Veracruz"

    "Choisya" + "Vanille"


    Everything is ready at the large hacienda near the port. The dance has just begun, the local delicacies have arrived. In the air, the music is tinged with the aroma of vanilla and orange blossom.


  • "Greece in the shade of fig trees"

    "Cyprès" candle + "Figuier" candle


    The scent of the Greek islands in summer. Wooded paths cross the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. When the wind blows, the green and woody accents of fig trees mingle with resinous and honeyed notes of cypress trees.

  • "A studio in winter"

    "Feu de Bois" + "Ambre"


    In the studio of Desmond Knox-Leet, one of the three founders of diptyque, a large fire burned in the hearth during the winter. On his desk, a jumble of small objects, amber stones and fragrant resins joined him on his creative journey. Its aromas mingled with the smoky, woody notes from the fireplace.


  • "A botanist's herbarium"

    "Feuille de Lavande" + "Verveine"


    On a large table, a botanist places the plants he is about to draw.
    There are leaves, flowers and buds about to open and herbs of all kinds. Sprigs of lavender and stalks of lemon verbena fill the workshop with their sweet and aromatic notes.

  • "A Perfume from Antiquity"

    "Figuier" + "Opopanax"


    A combination with the scents of ancient Rome: full of the soft accents of opopanax burned in temples and houses, and the woody and fruity notes of the fig tree considered sacred by the Romans thanks to its protective powers. Worshipped in the Forum, it symbolized the benevolence of the Roman gods.

  • "The English Club"

    "Genévrier" + "Feu de Bois"


    With this duo we recreate the masculine ambiance of club armchairs and aged wood paneling.
    We hear the sound of muffled voices and the clinking of cocktail glasses before a roaring fireplace. The smoky aroma of the wood fire enhances the bitter burst of spices.

  • "The flowers of the Riviera"

    "Geranium Rosa" + "Mimosa"


    The French Riviera is blooming. Among the sun-drenched hillside villas facing the sea, spring is coming to an end. The mimosas still have their little golden, fluffy, velvety flowers. The mellowaroma completes the fragrance, wet notes of the geraniums in bloom. A geranium with red flowers. A combination of green and slightly aromatic freshness. Fragrant leaves and the floral and spicy nuances of the rose with which it naturally shares some of its aromas.

  • "At the court of a maharajah"

    "Jasmin" candle + "Santal" candle


    In a palace in southern India, the air is filled with the scent of sandalwood burning like incense, and jasmine from its gardens. The spicy notes of sandalwood warm the fresh and intoxicating aroma of the flower.

  • "A cabinet of curiosities"

    "Essence of John Galliano" + "Ambre"


    The fragrances of a closet full of wonders. Over time; treasures, balms, rare crystals, extraordinary plants and secret scrolls in their leather cases that have accumulated. The aromas mingle in a cloud of spicy and balsamic fragrances.

  • "A lavish ball"

    "Lys" + "Tubereuse"


    The fragrance of a long-gone dance. Guests are intoxicated by the perfume of the large bouquets of white flowers with their intoxicating aromas of lilies and tuberose.

  • "A tea in the palm grove"

    "Menthe Verte" + "Narguilé"


    Under the shade of tall palm trees, smoke rises from a narghile while brewing mint tea. Patiently stripped of its leaves, the plant releases its lively and aromatic fragrance warmed by the spicy and honeyed aromaof tobacco.

  • "A history of perfumery"

    "Mimosa" + "Violette"


    The violetis one of the "silent flowers" whose fragrance was originally impossible to extract. In the 19th century, to give a floral and powdery dimension to the note, perfumers added the natural extract of mimosa.

  • "An odalisque from a thousand and one nights"

    "Musc" + "Opopanax"


    The voluptuousness and magic of an oriental tale. As night falls, an odalisque languishes on brocade and silk velvet. She listens to the musicians, wrapped in the balm with musky aromatics that curl sensuously in the air.

  • "Incense caravans"

    "Myrrhe" +"Benjoin"


    For more than a thousand years, they crossed the deserts, stopping at Hiram, Petra, Advat. They carried myrrh, benzoin and other resins burned as incense. Their wisps were sometimes soft and balsamic, but at other times they were spicy and resinous.

  • "An Eastern garden dusk"

    "Narguilé" + "Lys"


    Night falls over the Riad. In the courtyard, lanterns are lit one by one near large bouquets of lilies scattered here and there, and under the large palm tree, where smoke rises from a hookah. The honeyed tobacco notes warm up the aroma of white flowers, underlining their spicy accents.

  • "A delicious treat"

    "Noisetier" + "Vanille"


    Lightly roasted hazelnuts, fresh from the oven. Its still-warm praline accents have acquired a caramelized tone and a slightly spicy sweetness from the vanilla pods.

  • "A night in the desert"

    "Oud" + "Ambre"


    The burning sun has moved away from the sand dunes. In tents, people rest after a long journey as the aquilaria diminishes over the embers. Slowly, its fragrant wisps with their smoke, distinctive accents spice the warm aromasof the night.

  • "A winter evening in Provence"

    "Pomander" + "Feu de Bois"


    The sweetness of evenings spent huddled by the fire. The smokyaccents of the wood fire minglewith the delicious aromas of spices and candied fruitsof the thirteen traditional desserts.

  • "A Romantic Garden"

    "Roses" + "Jasmin"


    A fragrant reminder of a festival held to mark the beginning of spring in the south of France. The celebration closes with a battle of flowers when the air is filled with thousands of multicolored petals and corollas.

  • "Memories of Asia"

    "Santal" + "Tubereuse"


    Aromas of a sultry rainforest. The memory of a trip to Asia with its fragrant lush flowers and tree trunks dragged by mighty elephants. The woody and velvety scent of sandalwood blends with the green and heady accents of tuberose.

  • "An aromatic garden"

    "Verveine" + "Menthe Verte"


    At dawn when the world is still asleep, the garden already gives off its scents. You can smell the earth, its herbs and spices. The lively aromatic aromas of spearmint awaken the sweet and citrusy notes of lemon verbena leaves.

  • "On Savile Row"

    "Vetyver" + "Geranium Rosa"


    The ambiance of the Savile Row tailor shops in London's Mayfair district. In the workshops, measurements are taken, rolls of tweed and flannel are unrolled. Around the gentlemen swirls the scent of vetiver and perfumes of geranium, sometimes woody and smoky, sometimes pink and lemony.


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