Abhati Complex™, your hair and skin need it.

Abhati Complex™, tu cabello y tu piel lo necesitan

ABHATI is the world's first Altitude Active Beauty brand. Its goal is to be a beauty company pioneering high-performance conscious luxury. We can say, without any doubt, that it is ABANUC's most conscious brand.

ABANUC was visited by Shirin, ABHATI's co-founder, and we got to know this firm first hand. We have to confess that we have fell even more in love. And we have learned about the entire process of creation and formulation of their products. We tell you all about it.

The three pillars of this brand are; performance, formulation and Abhati Complex™.


But do you know how it works and what is Abhati Complex™? It is essential to understand how your products behave on our hair and skin. A proprietary active ingredient that makespure magic, making its hair line one of the most powerful on the market.

ABHATI Complex is a micropotrective capsule that binds to each ingredient, ensuring that the active ingredients effectively penetrate the hair, skin and scalp.

And they harness the power of the ingredients that come from the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps and the Indian Himalayas. This is because their properties are more effective and they do not waste any of their antioxidant, vitamin and essential mineral content.

Within this quest for the best ingredients, we have been fascinated by the fact that the water contained in their products comes from springs in the Alps. The most natural and balanced we can find.

The result is longer, stronger hair, with 98% less breakage. It also repairs the scalp and stimulates the skin's self-repair. And it's all done by Abhati Complex™, their patented technology that works magic.

What are you waiting for to meet ABHATI, show off the skin and hair you deserve this summer.


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