All about retinol and its new legislation

Todo sobre el retinol y su nueva legislación

Does retinol withdraw, one of the most frequently asked questions in recent months? We have the answer, and it is a resounding NO.

We just need to be well aware of the new items in the upcoming legislation on this ingredient.

There are four important points we want to tell you about everything that is going to change and you can have all the information about this ingredient.

- Controlled concentration: the new legislation establishes limits on the concentration of retinol, not to exceed 0.3%, in over-the-counter cosmetic products. This is done to avoid overuse and the risk of irritation.

- Detailed labeling: products containing retinol should include clear and detailed labeling indicating the concentration of the ingredient, as well as instructions for use and precautions.

- Safe formulation: manufacturers must ensure that formulations are safe and supported by scientific evidence. Special attention will be paid to products recommended for sensitive skin.

- Professional advice: for higher concentrations of retinol, dermatologist guidance is required.

These new points are designed to effectively use retinol. And do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this ingredient.


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