What is product traceability in cosmetics?

¿Qué es la trazabilidad de un producto en cosmética?

Stay with this concept, it is booming and will become fashionable in a short time.

But, do you really know what traceability of a product


We talk about this concept because of the concern, which most of the population have when choosing a product. It is no longer only the quality of the ingredients that make up a cosmetic that is important, it is also valuable the path they have undergone until they reach our disposal.

Thus, tracing the path these products take is essential to know the creation process.

In the case of Ulé, the most sustainable and conscious brand on the market, it is 100% traceable. This means that they reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their formulation processes.

They are committed to nearby supply chains, so although their main ingredients are originally grown in Asia, Uléthey grow them in France in their vertical greenhouse.

This not only allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, it also allows you to formulate your products with fresh ingredients that retain all their nutrients, 100% traceable is to be 100% responsible and environmentally conscious.

In addition, Uléhas created an easy, fun and convenient way to learn about the process of its products. In all its products there is a QR that shows you the traceability map. You can find it on the packaging at the back.


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