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Eau de Parfum 'Fleur de Peau' de diptyque

The flowers remind me of her. To that great friend I have already told you about. That which is as big as the sea. Because they are the protagonists in the decoration of your new home. Because, if you want to surprise her, all you have to do is show up at her door with a bouquet full of colors. Because, like flowers, she has something special that you only discover when you get to know her.

And it couldn't be otherwise: one of the diptyquecreations celebrating the firm's 50th anniversary, the Eau de Parfum 'Fleur de Peau' by diptyque, has become one of her favorite fragrances.

Some months ago I gave her a sample of this perfume to try, I knew she was going to love it! Since then, she has only used it for special events, trying to squeeze the most out of her little bottle (unintentionally, she has already given me some hints for her next birthday gift).

And, as anyone who has already discovered it knows, 'Fleur de Peau' loves at first sight. It is light, it is color. It is delicacy and passion at the same time. It has a personality of its own that, without a doubt, says a lot about the person who wears it. It has become a sign of identity. Because, although not everyone knows it, this creation of diptyqueis only suitable for people who are lovers of life, those who bring joy and fresh air wherever they go.

Its hidden secret


To discover what 'Fleur de Peau'is like, you have to dig inside. Its floral essence is a tribute to one of the most revealing ingredients in perfumery: cottony, velvety and fluffy, several types of musk form the heart of this Eau de Parfum by diptyque.

This fragrance from the Parisian House encloses elegant and captivating notes. The powdery subtlety of iris flower combines perfectly with the ambery and fruity accents of ambrette seeds, which give way to the softer dimension of musk.

Without a doubt, what I like most about this diptyque perfume is that it is sweet but, at the same time, it is full of freshness thanks to its olfactory accident, pink pepper. Like her, 'Fleur de Peau' has also made me fall in love with it. And, yes, I promise to be faithful.


  • Lucia the

    Cuando lo olí por primera vez, enloquecí!!! Me trajo tantos buenos recuerdos….es tan elegante y delicado…. sin duda uno de mis preferidos! ❤️

  • Johanna the

    Sin duda mi preferida!!! Jamás he conocido un perfume con ese toque tan elegante….

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