Orange blossom or neroli, intoxicating and sensual scent

El azahar o nerolí, esencia embriagadora y sensual

Orange blossom or orange blossom is the name of the flowers of the orange and lemon trees. The name comes from Arabic - al-azaharque - and simply means white flowers. It is traditionally associated with the orange blossom and it is considered that, in addition to its beauty, its perfume or aroma has therapeutic properties.

Numerous cities in eastern Spain are full of orange trees and also the city of Seville is famous for the scent that is released in its streets when they bloom... Seville has a special smell...


Traditionally orange blossom has been used for its relaxing and sedative properties, both in the form of infusions and in the form of essential oil; and in addition, its scent revived those suffering from fainting and palpitations. It has also been used in crowns and bridal bouquets as a symbol of beauty and purity and many brides have resorted to orange blossom water to relax on that important day.



Orange blossom also goes by the name of neroli and this name is due, according to legend, to the Italian princess Anna Maria de Neroli.

This lady was tremendously addicted to the scent of orange blossom: she used its essence to perfume herself and was said to leave an indelible scented trail in her wake. She also perfumed her gloves with the essentialoilof orange blossom and the gentlemen when they kissed her hand were totally smitten with her. Eat this time it was customary to perfume goatskin gloves and gracias to the princess of Neroli, this scent spread throughout the world.


Orange blossom is a white, small and simple flower that nevertheless has an intoxicating and sensual aroma and is one of the essential notes in any citrus perfume. A fragrance containing neroli will always be a hit. The apparent modesty of orange blossom, its fragile beauty, hides one of the most used essencesthroughout the ages.



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