Do you know the layering technique, pay attention because you will love it!

¿Conoces la técnica de layering?, atento porque te va a encantar

If you are a lover of signature perfumery you will love this technique.

Layering consists of combining different perfumes to create a unique and personal fragrance. It's a way to be your own perfumer, mixing and blending scents to express your style and personality in a unique way.

The possibilities are endless. This technique is a real addiction.

We tell you how to make it a success.

  • Get to know your perfumes: explore with your favorite fragrances. Identify the dominant notes and discover how they mix with each other. This will help you to have a solid base for your layering experiments.
  • Combination is key: not all perfumes go well with each other. Choose fragrances that share similar or complementary notes. The ideal is to combine floral fragrances with woody or citrus with oriental fragrances.
  • The touch technique: do not apply large amounts of perfume. Sometimes, a single touch of each fragrance on strategic points, such as the wrists or neck, is enough. The objective is to achieve a balanced and harmonious fragrance, not overpowering.
  • Creativity to the power: Don't be afraid to experiment! Try different combinations, mix fragrances from different brands and discover new nuances and dimensions in your perfumes. Create your own olfactory signature and let your fragrances speak for you.

At ABANUC we have two brands that are designed around layering, they are Floraïku and HERMETICA.

  • Floraïku: has two perfumes that you can combine with any other of Between Two Trees, a light shade and Sleeping on The Roof, a dark shade.
  • HERMETICA: SOURCE is the core of hermetica, the base of all its fragrances and a perfume in its own right. If you mix it with another scent you will get a much more luminous scent.

What are you waiting for to practice this technique, we are sure you will have fun and enjoy unique aromas.


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