Immerse yourself in the olfactory poetry of Bibbi: inspired by Yves Klein's Klein Blue.

Sumérgete en la Poesía Olfativa de Bibbi: inspirada por el Azul Klein de Yves Klein

Dive into the Olfactory Poetry of Bibbi: inspired by Yves Klein's Klein Blue


In the universe of bibbi, the perfumery brand founded by Stina Seger, each fragrance is a masterpiece fusing art, spirituality and the intensity of Klein Blue. Just as Yves Klein used this shade of blue to create captivating visual works, Bibbihe has adopted it as a symbol that embodies depth and transcendence in the world of perfumery.

People begin to fly. Yves Klein 1961

Klein Blue: an inspiring hallmark...

The choice of Klein Blue as the brand symbol is not accidental; it is a statement of intent. Just as Yves Klein sought to express infinity through his blue, bibbi uses this color to tint his fragrances with a depth that goes beyond the conventional. Each Bibbi perfume is like an olfactory painting, a canvas saturated with the richness of Klein Blue.

bibbiand Klein Blue.

Bibbi, which is inspired by Stina's subconscious experiences in her meditative state, finds in Klein Blue its visual language. Each fragrance is an olfactory narrative that invites users to immerse themselves in a universe of deep connections, just as Yves Klein did in his monochromatic paintings. The intensity of Klein Blue thus becomes a means to express the revealing stories and encounters of Bibbi.

Just as Yves Klein showed a deep respect for his art, Bibbihe reflects this commitment in his ethical and sustainable production. The choice of Klein Blue is not only aesthetic, but also represents a commitment to quality, transparency and connection with nature. Each bottle of Bibbicontains not only an exceptional fragrance, but also a story of respect for the environment and people.

Bibbiis more than a perfumery brand; it is a sensory journey where Klein Blue acts as the common thread of unique olfactory experiences. By choosing Bibbi, you immerse yourself in a universe of olfactory poetry, where each scent is an open door to the world of subconscious connections and spiritual depth.


Where Klein Blue becomes fragrance


In every drop of Bibbi, Klein Blue comes to life as a reminder that art and perfumery can merge to create something truly extraordinary.

Discover the magic of bibbiand let yourself be carried away by the intensity of Klein Blue that transcends the limits of convention. Your olfactory journey awaits, inviting you to explore the connection between art, fragrance and your own subconscious.


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