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Eau de Toilette 'Vetyverio' de diptyque

Spicy and exotic, this is the scent of Eau de Toilette 'Vetyverio' by diptyque. It is one of the fragrances of the firm that comes to reinvent the concept of classicin an innovative way, giving it a versatile, modern and captivating point. Perhaps that is why Vetyverio is so puzzling. Do you dare to find out what it's really like?


Unwittingly, this perfume from the Parisian House makes you travel to Haiti, where vetiver, its main ingredient, grows in Massey, Foucault and Bazelais. After harvesting it takes a period of time to distill its essential oil, which has been considered as precious as goldby the inhabitants of these three small villages. This is the treasure behind this creation by diptyque.

I've done some research on vetiver, an oriental plant whose aroma is an explosion of contraststhat makes our senses confused. As is. This is because it fuses a scent that is green, refreshing, woody, oriental, bitter and dry at the same time. Curious, isn't it?

In this combination enclosed in the bottle of Eau de Toilette 'Vetyverio' by diptyquewe cannot forget its notes of pomelo and patchouli, which bring a citrus touch, while the damascena rosegives us the floral and delicate character. No olfactory family could be missing!

So what is it like?

So what is the spirit of Vetyverio like - is it fresh, is it smoky, is it floral, is it woody? Because it is so difficult to define, the Eau de Toilette version is one of the diptyque unisex perfumes par excellence. But, trying to answer the question, if we had to choose one of its personalities, we could say that this fragrance is essentially woody.

Its most elegant version


If the Eau de Toilette is disconcerting, the adjective to define the Eau de Parfum is elegant. I first discovered it thanks to a friend who has made Vetyverio one of his trademarks.

The Eau de Parfum has a more citrusy touch, which makes the fragrance more intense and long-lasting. For this reason, I believe that in this case it is a more masculine scent, where vetiver takes on the leading role: used in abundance, it reveals itself in its pure state, without artifice.

So is this creation of diptyque: it awakens your senses as soon as you identify it, like those times when someone rushes past us leaving a trail of their perfume.


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