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Eau de Parfum 'Tempo' de diptyque

We all need time. Time to live, to feel, to enjoy, to remember. Time for all those things that make us happy. In a way, this is what Eau de Parfum 'Tempo' by diptyquea perfume with which the Parisian House celebrates its 50th anniversary.

I think it's like a cry, a vindication or a reminder for us to pay attention to all the moments lived and those yet to come. It is contrast, because in this fragrance seem to merge the past, the present and the future.

For many years to come


The best way to celebrate this great anniversary of diptyquewas to bring a new creation, Tempo, because you don't turn 50 every day. Somehow I think this fragrance is a nod to the rhythm of the clock hands and all the memories accumulated until now.

diptyque was born in 1968 with its first scent: L'Eau, which today has become a classic. All the years that have passed since then are hidden behind Tempo de diptyque: half a century full of new ideas and creations, each of the founders' journeys in search of inspiration and all the unforgettable momentsthat have been building the firm's history.

It is a breakthrough perfume that awakens our senses. If we want to explain the origin of this fragrance, we must travel to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This is the origin of its patchouli heart, a symbol of freedom that pays homage to the 1960s. I love it because it is a variety whose aroma does not smell like the patchouli of all life, but is more intense and elegant.

Do you know what the most curious thing is? Although Tempo may seem completely woody, the essential oil of patchouli is not extracted from a wood, but from the leaves of an aromatic plant that, in Indonesia, is known as Nilam.

This main ingredient is in perfect harmony with mate and sage, which exhibit their natural aspects and make its aroma earthy, bohemian and enveloping at the same time. And, together with the violet leaves, a scent with a sophisticated contrast is created. Uncap the Tempo bottle of diptyque and let your imagination run wild until you find your best memories. It will surprise you!


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