Musk, sweet, warm and exotic

El almizcle, dulce, cálido y exótico

Did you know that the musk that has been used since time immemorial in perfumerycomes from musk deer and other animal species?


The musk deer has a gland that secretes a strong-smelling substance, hence the name musk. This gland is also found in other animal species: such as the musk ox.


The gland of these animals is left to dry and has a natural odor not particularly pleasant to the human sense of smell, but used in tiny doses in perfumery, it brings sweetness to the perfume and fixes the aromas. It is also said to have excitatory and attraction properties, since it has pheromones. Nowadays, for the protection of animals, musk found in certain plant species such as muskwood from the Guianas is increasingly used.

Chemical musks have also been created, but they are of lower quality and not all of them are allowed because they can be harmful.

It is curious that a material which in its pure state may have an intense and not particularly pleasant odor (sic), mixed in small quantities with other perfumes produces an irresistible, attractive and exciting aroma.


Musk is used as a base in oriental fragranceswhich are characterized by sensuality and warmth and transport us to luxurious and exotic places. They have their origin in Arab countries and are enveloping and hypnotic, but not everyone dares with such powerful and intense aromas.


If we find the aroma oriental that best suits our skin, it is ideal for use at night. A few drops in strategic places and we will keep the perfume on our skin all night long. The sensuality provided by this perfume will make us triumph and become intoxicatingly unforgettable and the kings of the night parties.


  • Alfonso the

    En que porcentaje se emplea como nota de fondo? Y porcentaje en nota corazón?, a que huele el musk blanco? Gracias

  • Alberto the

    Muy interesante, no sabía que el almizcle era de origen animal.

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