Celebrate San Isidro with us

Celebra San Isidro con nosotros

We bring you the most traditional perfumes to celebrate San Isidro


The most traditional festival of our capital celebrates the pilgrimage of the saint. Madrid is full of chulapos and chulapas who drink miraculous water, attend the popular mass and spend the day in the meadow. A day full of meaning and unforgettable aromas, what better than to remember them always? Relax, we bring you the fragrances that will bring you back to your favorite Verbena.

Start with Sunday Cologne the perfume of the Gentelmans. Full of contrasts, classic and modern, with notes of star anise. A fragrance that will remind you of the intimate moment of the chotis with your chulapo, our favorite dance.

A walk in the meadow, smell the nature and disconnect from the city. Room Service will take you to that moment through its blend of violet petals, blackberry and green bamboo.

Can anyone resist trying the famous San Isidro doughnuts? One of the best family moments that you can relive thanks to Vaninight with sweet touches of nuts and vanilla essence.


We are looking forward to enjoying these holidays and continuing to remember them thanks to our perfumes.


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