Join skin cycling, the most viral beauty routine of the moment

Únete al skin cycling, la rutina de belleza más viral del momento

They keep repeating it, skin cycling has become fashionable, and we do not say it, it is said by cosmetic experts and all the users who are fans of this new routine.

This process consists of repeating a skin care ritual based on four days of renewal and repair cycles. The guide is as follows:


-Night 1. Exfoliation. An exfoliating product is applied to gently cleanse and dry the skin. Its creator recommends a chemical exfoliator, as physical exfoliators are more aggressive for sensitive skin. Subsequently, use a moisturizing cream.

-Night 2. Application of retinol. Use retinol after cleansing, it helps to renew the skin, treats blemishes, scars and premature aging.

-Night 3 and 4. Recovery. During the last two nights, only moisturizing products are applied. After the skin has been worked further, it is necessary to deeply nourish and reinforce the skin barrier.

For Bowe, the dermatologist who created this routine, it is essential to create a balance between the most intense treatments and the necessary hydration.

We have already tested it and we can confirm that it works.


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