Discover Uklash in Abanuc

Do you think your eyelashes or eyebrows are weak and short?

Can you imagine being able to lengthen them up to 55% more and increase their density to 75%?

Uklash is exactly what you need to lengthen and get a dream look. Two essential products in your makeup bag with which you can wear a Dramatic look with lush, long and silky eyelashes in a natural way and dense and defined eyebrows. 

For Uklash they are very important premises that their products are vegan, they are not tested in animals or formulated with parabens or synthetic perfumes. Its serums are natural, high performance and free of cruelty.

This cosmetics not only helps you in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, but also He keeps them healthy. And, its unique Nutre formula, condition and softens while stimulating hair.

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