Summer Essentials by diptyque.

The most summery diptyque

collection of diptyque.

Back in 1960, the founders of diptyquetraveled the Mediterranean and were captivated by its landscapes, light, colors and scents.

This year again, diptyque wants to celebrate this season with a collection full of colors and delicious fragrances, evoking the memory of those trips.

Matthieu Cossé, French painter and illustrator, portrays the Mediterranean dream of diptyquewith colors that radiate freedom and capture its essence: the sea, the sun and nature.

This collection comes to brighten up our summer and fill the air with our favorite scents.

Now, for the purchase of 190 € in 'Summer Essentials' products from diptyque we give you a Citronnelle' candle of 190 g from diptyque.

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