The santalumalbum, the sandalwood tree, is the scent of the woods of India because it is a species native to there, although it is also planted in other parts of the world such as America.

Sandalwood is an evergreen tree that can reach four to nine meters in height and can live more than a hundred years. Its wood is aromatic and a volatile oil is obtained from it, which is used in herbalism and perfumery.


The sandalwood shavings are manipulated to be distilled to obtain oils used in perfumery. Oil can also be obtained from the heart of the tree and its roots.


In addition to its uses in perfumery, it is very common to burn sandalwood sticks to provide scent in rooms and keep moths and other insects away.

Sandalwood, like all scents obtained from trees, is used more in male perfumes because of its robustness, although it is increasingly used also as a background for women's perfumery.

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