EVE LOM - Hydration

EVE LOM is a natural cosmetics firm, luxurious, sophisticated, wonderful and exclusive as few in the world, but above all effective.

Master in the art of combining the best plant extractsfrom nature with a sophisticated science, EVE LOM achieves specific and visible results with its luxurious natural cosmetic products: a radiant and clean skin.

To talk about EVE LOM obliges us to mention three key words:

  • Simple, because the British firm creates cosmetics with a basic skin care routine in mind, simple, uncomplicated and without artifice.
  • Bonita, because the skin is incredibly radiant, luminous and hydrated after using each of its products.
  • Effective, because EVE LOM works, but it really works!
  • And also for its packaging: the mix of white and gold makes EVE LOM one of the most glamorous, elegant and youthful brands.

EVE LOM believes in "holistic beauty" or a sense of balance, nourishment and care. To achieve a beautiful and healthy complexion, you must start with a clean and exfoliated skin.

That is the perfect base for any beauty treatment to work. In short, according to EVE LOM, "to be beautiful, you have to live beautiful". We love your philosophy!