BYREDO - Corporal

The BYREDObody care line combines high-quality ingredientswithexquisitepremium design. Their products, all of them respectful of your skin, are based on their best-selling fragrances.

Do you know the hand care line? You will find both liquid and solid soaps, exfoliants, creams, lotions and hand sanitizers.

Its body creamsare formulated with shea butter, fatty acids and moisturizing agentsto help retain skin hydration and elasticity. The result is silky smooth skin. All this is combined with the essence of your favorite perfumes to scent your skin in a lasting way.


There is nothing more pleasant than a shower with the fragrance of your perfume. The shower gels by BYREDOare formulated with glycol and xylitol - also called birch sugar - to deeply moisturize the skin leaving it clean, soft and smooth.

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