Vitamin C will save your skin! We tell you how it works

¡La Vitamina C salvará tu piel! Te contamos como actúa

Vitamin C has multiple benefits, keeping the skin healthy, young and luminous, enhancing firmness and reducing wrinkles. It's the active glow we all need!


We tell you the three most important benefits to make you fall in love with this vitamin.

- Antioxidant action
Our skin suffers from excess free radicals, vitamin C compensates for this effect by neutralizing the damage to our skin.
Thus we prevent premature aging of the skin or imperfections that are caused.

- Firms
Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin formation to keep skin smooth and reduce wrinkles. It is perfect for preventing the signs of aging and improves the appearance of facial imperfections.

- Brightens and unifies
Vitamin C is perfect for enhancing skin luminosity and lightening blemishes caused by excess melanin or acne marks, thanks to its ability to prevent the creation of melanin. With continued use you will see a more luminous and unified skin.

We are clear that this is an ingredient we need in our facial routine, so we recommend you use Vit C Intense Daily Serum by Emma Hardie, an intensive serum with vitamin C that reduces blemishes, congestion and redness in all skin types. For a complete treatment you can apply Vit C moisture Boost cream from Emma Hardie,a cream with vitamin C to reduce dark spots and pigmentation, reversing UV damage and promoting cell renewal. For a more effective routine, don't forget to keep these essentials handy.

We are sure that the more you use these products the more you will fall in love with Vitamin C, we can no longer live without them.


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