Are you packing your suitcase? Don't forget this makeup guide for your vacation

¿Estás preparando la maleta? No olvides esta guía de maquillaje para tus vacaciones

In summer, with high temperatures, it seems impossible mission to make up and last intact. At this time we prefer a good face effect, feel comfortable and without heaviness on the face. We give you the keys that have worked most to be perfect these days.

Clean and hydrated skin. To get rested and luminous skin, our first task will be to clean in depth and intense hydration, without being excessive not to cause unwanted glitters.

A light makeup base. Stripped Nude Skin is the perfect basis for vacations, it provides light coverage by enhancing the natural skin glow. In addition, thanks to its formulation with hyaluronic acid it helps to smoothed and erase imperfections.

Power your brown. Byredo's color bars are the perfect solution to bring color to your lips, cheeks and eyes. A 3 in 1 product that you can take everywhere and retouch your makeup.

Elevate your gaze. Multiply the curvature of your eyelashes with the Eyelash Curler curd of Kevyn Aucoin, the brand's best seller. You will see professional results just by gently pressing for 5 seconds in each eye.

Do not forget to hydrate your lips. It brings volume and filling to the lips with Lip Balm of Emma Hardie reducing dryness and relieving irritated and sensitized lips.

The refreshing mist, your best ally. Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist of Emma Hardie is the perfect illuminating mist to hydrate the skin instantly, protects the skin against environmental pollution, brings luminosity to the face and the most important thing is that it fixes the makeup.

We are looking forward to enjoying the holidays and with these tips we will be perfect at all hours.



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