"There's something about basil when it's blessed."

“Algo tendrá la albahaca cuando la bendicen”

Despite being known to many as a culinary ingredient, basil is widely used in perfumery and has an herbal scent that brings an elegant and sophisticated freshness.

The technical name for basil is ocimum basilicom and it is an aromatic herbof the Lamiaceae family; native to Iran, India, Pakistan and other regions of Asia that has been cultivated there for millennia.

It is a plant denointed and revered, in equal parts, by different cultures. Some African legends claim that it protects against scorpion stings, there are European traditions that assimilated it with the cult of Satan and in India it is considered a sacred plant. In ancient Greece it represented hatred, misfortune and poverty and yet in Italy it is a symbol of love. In the past, maidens placed this plant in the window to attract the love of young men. It is hard to believe that the same plant brings together so many loves and hates.


Basil flowers from May to September and bears spikes of white or purplish tubular flowers with four stamens and pistil resting on a corolla. Its essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering tips.

Did you know that basil is not only used in gastronomy but is also an iconic ingredient in perfumery?

Basil has many medicinal uses: it prevents headaches, eases digestion, relieves colds.

Basil has many medicinal uses: it prevents headaches, facilitates digestion, relieves colds... It is also very appreciated in gastronomy: its leaves are used to flavor salads and it is very appreciated in Italy: who doesn't know the famous pesto sauce? The whole Mediterranean gastronomic culture dresses its dishes with basil leaves, providing freshness and fragrant aroma to its most typical recipes.

In perfumery it meant a total revolution, in principle, for masculine scents; it brings the touch of freshness and the herbal essence -it meant an alternative to lavender-. But, for decades, it has also been used for feminine essences, especially for herbal and fruity fragrances.


To paraphrase the saying: "something will have basil when it is blessed".

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  • Casandra the

    Me encanta el aroma a albahaca!!
    Russian Leather y Basilino & Fellini son perfumes muy especiales en lo que la albahaca sobresale, pero no sabía que además Tulsivivah tenía como uno de sus ingredientes esta planta aromática. Sin duda me acercaré a ABANUC para oler ese perfume!

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