Saffron, the red gold

El azafrán, el oro rojo

Saffron, the spice that Cleopatra dissolved in goat's milk and then bathed in it, was the most expensive and precious spice in the world.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world: it is known as the red gold and can reach a market value of up to 30.000 per kilo. The reason for its price is its complicated production process. Each bulb takes 2 years to flower and usually bears a single flower. This flower grows very low, very close to the ground and has to be harvested by hand early in the morning before they open and the sun or rain can spoil them.

The countries with the best saffron production are: Iran, Spain, Morocco, India and Greece.This spice has been highly valued throughout the ages and has been used in many applications:as dyeof fabrics, medicine, seasoningof foods and in cosmeticsand perfumery.


Did you know that each flower has only 3 stigmas that have to be separated by hand and to get a kilo of saffron you need about 250.000 flowers?



In Greek mythology they related the birth of saffron to the blood that spurted from a wound on the forehead of Krokos while playing with a disc with his friend Hermes.It was also said that Cleopatra bathed in goat's milk, in which she dissolved saffron: thus enhancing her color and enhancing the softness and perfume of her skin.

Saffron has many uses in perfumery; it is a very important element in all spicy fragrances and evokes memories and scents of the Orient, India and the Mediterranean.


A spice that has value for its own aroma and for the long, artisan and costly production process. Every time we notice the scent of saffron, let us think of how many flowers had to be cut before dawn, so that we can enjoy this perfume.


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