El Cardamomo

Cardamom, a universally appreciated aroma that inspires us since ancient times.

He cardamom It is an aromatic species that comes from perennial trees and from which its seeds are mainly used. There are two types: the "Green cardamom" that comes from India and Malaysia, cultivated since 700 B.C., and the "Black cardamom", that comes from Nepal and currently from Asia and Australia. He cardamom It was introduced in Europe in the 13th century And since then it became a highly appreciated seed.

It's used in gastronomy in the India for the elaboration of Curries, Rice and cakes and in the Scandinavian countries It is very appreciated for its typical buns and cookies. In middle East mixes with the seeds of coffee, giving rise to a very powerful infusion and aromatic.

But in addition to its food uses it was a fundamental ingredient in all countries for different uses. Cardamom seeds have a especially intense aroma remembers spices, camphor, to the amber and to the citrus. Therefore it was very appreciated and versatile and used since time immemorial to create perfumes and offerings, and to embalm the bodies of important personalities.

In perfumery its oil essential that is extracted from the seeds by distillation by steam drag. From here it is an oil of a pale yellow color that has all the Aromatic wealth of the original smell.

Is used for the creation of Eastern perfumes and Spicy, but only for cosmetic firms more sophisticated. We can find it as a background of the EAU fragrances in Parfum Black citrus of Vilhelm, in Eau de Parfum African Leather, in Tamarind of Memo Paris and in Rose Noir of Byredo. An essence that continues to inspire us since 700 B.C. , when we came from the distant and mysterious India.


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