El geranio

The geranium, the queen of balconies.


The geranium comes from southern Africa and currently the most extensive cultivation is found in Egypt, China, Reunion Island and Morocco. It was introduced in Europe around 1690 to manufacture its oil as a substitute for the much more expensive rose oil. But it is a very recognizable plant, which can be found in the most colorful terraces around the world; flowers that brighten up rural areas and fill big cities with color. The name of the plant comes from the Greek "geranos" which means crane, precisely because of the similarity between the fruit of the plant and the beak of this bird. Its five-petaled flowers are grouped in showy bouquets. Geraniums are available in white, pink, orange and deep red. In the language of flowers, pink indicates preference while red symbolizes melancholy.

An essence that began to be used to replace the expensive rose oil and is still used in perfumery today, valuing its aromatic fragrance. Geranium essence is part of the ingredients of numerous perfumes and, contrary to what one might think, mostly in men's fragrances to which it brings a touch of intense freshness.



The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and stems prior to flowering. And this essential oil is also widely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

A plant that has gone from being a substitute to a protagonist, that adorns our lives from balconies all over the world and from the aromas that are enclosed in the most sophisticated perfumes.


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