How to burn a candle (well)?

We want you to enjoy your candle, but, above all, we want to guarantee safety, quality and reliability during use; so here are some recommendations:

  1. The first time you use your candle, leave it burning for several hours at a time or at least until the top layer of wax is completely liquid. This will prevent craters from forming around the wick.

  2. Cut the wick regularly with the specific cutter (wick cutter) to avoid smoking or overheating the candle glass. We recommend a length between 3 and 5 mm.

  3. Every time you blow out your candle, preferably use a candle snuffer or cover it to prevent the liquid wax from spilling out.

  4. The candle will burn evenly if you make sure, once you extinguish it, to leave the wick straight and centered (do this while hot to prevent the wick from splitting. You can help yourself with the crop cutter).

  5. Never leave your candle unattended.

  6. Never place your burning candle near a draft or on a glass, wood or marble surface without a base.

  7. Never move a burning or recently extinguished candle: liquid wax may spill out.

  8. In general, always keep in mind the Precautions that appear on the box of your candle.