Give a gift for Single's Day!

We are totally familiar with 'Days of': Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day.

But... what about Single Day? Any excuse is a good excuse to buy and give, that's why there are dates dedicated exclusively to online shopping, such as Single Day.

Do you think that today is a good day to give yourself a present? At ABANUC we have prepared for you an interesting selection of products:

Eau de Toilette Philosykos Philosykos de diptyque Eau de Toilette Philosykos Philosykos de diptyque

This is your fragrance if you are looking for a perfume for winter. Woody, fruity and green at the same time, it will transport you to a wild fig orchard.

Philosykos is an ode to that tree: it captures all its dimensions, from the green freshness of the leaves to the white wood and the milky sap of the figs.

You can find Philosykos by diptyque from 70 € on:


diptyque, Fragrances, Woody fragrances, Fresh fragrances


green green green and green green, green, green and . green of Miller and Bertaux.

This perfume, created by Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, is green, very green, like its title: it smells of laurel, verbena, mastic, jasmine, vetiver.Treat yourself! You will love it.

Like all the olfactory creations of this Maison du Parfum, green, green, green, green and . green is designed for you, whether you are a man or a woman, to perfume your skin from top to bottom.

You can find green, green, green and . green by Miller et Bertaux from 86 € on:


Miller et Bertaux, Fragrances, Woody fragrances, Intense fragrances


Nourishing Shampoo Nourishing - Shampoo 0.6 of GROWN ALCHEMIST

Let's continue. How about a shampoo to moisturize your hair during the winter? Get the Nourishing - Shampoo 0.6 of GROWN ALCHEMIST and you will be amazed at the shine it will give you.

If we talk about texture and color, this hair cosmetic is not much like most: it is not creamy or white, but liquid and almost transparent. It does nourish like few others!


You can find Nourishing - Shampoo 0.6 by GROWN ALCHEMIST from 35 € on:


Cosmetics, GROWN ALCHEMIST, Hair



And, to finish pampering yourself, don't miss "the best cleanser in the world": the EVE LOM Cleanser will cleanse your skin in such a way that you'll be unable to use another one.

Desired by many celebrities and cosmetics lovers, this wonderful balm is, without any doubt, the emblematic product of the British firm.

You can find the Cleanser by EVE LOM from 50 € in:


Face, Cosmetics, Makeup remover, EVE LOM


Are you so generous and thoughtful that you prefer to give a gift to someone special to you? Because at ABANUC we don't forget anyone, we have prepared another luxurious selection of products for you to surprise your loved ones:

Feu de Bois

Feu de Bois de diptyque

The dream of a dream

Dream of a dream


Does your partner, relative or friend dream of living in a house with a fireplace: give them Feu de Bois, one of diptyque's most original and surprising scented candles: it smells like a wood fire!

This home fragrance is a blend of essences extracted from peculiar woods. It was Olivia Giacobetti, Diptyque's head perfumer, who proposed to the Parisian House the idea of creating a candle that would recreate the scent of wood. And he succeeded!

You can find Feu de Bois by diptyque from 26 € on:


Home, diptyque, Scented candles


Hand Cream Rose de BYREDO BYREDO Hand Cream Rose,

BYREDO Hand Cream Rose

If you want to have a detail with your mother, give her BYREDO's rose-scented hand and nail cream. Its scent is spectacular and its texture even more so!

Formulated with 20% perfume concentration and free of parabens, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin and cuticles in such a way that leaves them completely silky. You'll notice it instantly!

You can find BYREDO Hand Cream Rose from 45 € at:

BYREDO, Cosmetics, Hands, Deep moisturizing treatments


Detox Face Mask Detox Face Mask by (MALIN+GOETZ) .

Want the recipient of your gift to have some fun? Surprise them with the Detox Face Mask by (MALIN+GOETZ), a facial mask that, on contact with the skin, turns into a foam with an effervescent effect. It will remind you of Peta Zetas candies!


Formulated with clays and innovative cleansing and oxygenating agents - they replace aggressive detergents - it is able to penetrate the pores in such a way that it removes any residue, oil residue and make-up without irritating or dehydrating.

You can find the Detox Face Mask by (MALIN+GOETZ) from €52 at:


(MALIN+GOETZ), Face, Cosmetics, Deep cleansing facial treatments


Morning Time Cleanser Morning Time Cleanser by EVE LOM, Morning Time Cleanser Morning Time Cleanser Morning Time Cleanser by EVE LOM

And, if he's a cosmetics lover, don't hesitate: buy him EVE LOM's Morning Time Cleanser, the British firm's daytime facial cleanser. Its efficacy is as spectacular as its price!

Did you know that while we sleep, the level of skin oil secretion increases? That's why, the next day you have to remove all those toxins and residues that appear on the surface.

You can find the Morning Time Cleanser by EVE LOM from 52 € on:


Face, Cosmetics, EVE LOM


Give yourself a treat for Single's Day, you won't regret it!


Whether you are single, married, separated or divorced; we want you, from November 8 until the end of November 12, to live a unique shopping experience at ABANUC.

We would love for you to know how wonderful our brands are, and then 'self-gift' something and even surprise a friend, a family member, your partner.Whoever you want! Single or not, at the end of the day it doesn't matter.

It's always a good day to give, so why not today? For every treat you give yourself, we'll have a great detail for you. Attention!

  • If your purchase is equal or superior to 50 €, we will send you a 70 g diptyque candle as a gift.
  • If your purchase is equal or superior to 100 €, the gift will be even better! You will receive a BYREDO 12 ml Eau de Parfum and a 70 g diptyque candle.

Promotion valid from 8/11/2017 until 12/11/2017 at 23:59 h.

Happy Bachelor's Day at ABANUC, because you deserve it!