Ylang-ylang has a fragrant aroma that awakens multiple sensations. It is used in many perfumes for its oriental or floral touches and combines very well with fruity or woody aromas.

The ylang-ylang or cananga flower, whose Latin name is Cananga Odorata, is a tree native to India and the Philippines that has also spread to countries in the intertropical zone, especially in Central and South America.

It has very large and showy flowers that are used in perfumery and cosmetics from which its essence is extracted. The flowers are green to yellow in color and starfish-shaped. It has a very sweet and pleasant characteristic aroma: notes of gum and cream and a background of jasmine or neroli. Its essential oil is obtained by distillation of these flowers, and up to 3 distillations can be obtained, on which its purity depends.

One of the perfumes using the essence of ylang-ylang is the Eau de Parfum "Do Not Disturb" by Vilhelm Parfumerie or Eau Moheli by diptyque -an ode to the island Mohéli , one of the three islands that make up the Comoros-.

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