The vanilla, that plant to which we associate a sensual aroma of wealth and splendor, It belongs to the orchid genre and it is practically the only species of them that is used for their smelling and agrifood properties rather than ornamental.

The vanilla tahitensis, Tahiti vanilla is one of the most appreciated in perfumery. The processes for vanilla preparation need long and thorough care and that is why, in proportion to its weight, it is one of the most expensive products in the world.

Is part of the olfactory fund of the so -called spicy perfumes and its aroma transports us to worlds of frondary vegetation, sensual aromas and wealth and splendor.

When we explore a Vanilla background perfume We move to worlds of wealth, intense odors, dazzling colors and all our senses enjoy this saturation; but also Vanilla has impregnated Our olfactory memory: In homemade desserts, in grandmothers' biscuits ... that is why it also provides us with a feeling of tenderness and love for home.

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