Did you know that the musk that has been used since time immemorial in perfumery comes from musk deer and other animal species?


The musk deer has a gland that secretes a strong-smelling substance, hence the name musk. This gland is also found in other animal species: such as the musk ox.


This gland is left to dry and has a natural odor not particularly pleasant to the human sense of smell, but used in tiny doses in perfumery, it adds sweetness to the perfume and fixes the aromas. It is also said to have excitatory and attraction properties, since it has pheromones. Nowadays, for the protection of animals, musk found in certain plant species such as muskwood from the Guianas is increasingly used.

Musk is used as a base in oriental fragrances which are characterized by their sensuality and warmth and transport us to luxurious and exotic places. They originate from Arabian countries and are enveloping and hypnotic, but not everyone dares such powerful and intense aromas.

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