The scent of jasmine is the soul of many luxury perfumes and, along with rose, the most used flower in perfumery.

For the Chinese it signifies feminine sweetness; in medieval art it was associated with The Virgin and the Hindus called it "moonlight of the forests". A flower with a sweet and intense aroma and with a present of poetry and love that makes its essence the protagonist of many of the most sophisticated fragrances.

Etymologically the name 'jasmine' derives from classical Arabic yàsamìn and means "gift of God".

To make the perfumes, the specific essence of jasmine is extracted from which the absolute essence is obtained by washing with alcohol.


Their flowers are mostly white, -although there are some yellow and reddish species- and are hermaphrodite. They are composed of a calyx with five petals and two stamens. Its fragrance is intenseand of a very sweet aroma.

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