Intense perfumes

The intense perfumesare for the brave. But don't just think about men! More and more women are declaring themselves passionate about woody and spicy fragrances.

If many years ago it was difficult to imagine a woman perfuming herself with a fragrance whose main ingredient was oud ('wood,' in Arabic), today that has changed. Life has changed!

In fact, there are women who shy away from citrus or fresh fragrances precisely because they are soft and delicate. In addition, because of their personality, tastes or lifestyle; they bet on perfumes that make a difference and, above all, that leave a mark.

In any case, in a matter of fragrances, we cannot speak of gender or age. All olfactory creations are for all audiences and, from there, everyone chooses their own according to their tastes.

The intensity of a fragrance is related to the fixation: whether this is greater or lesser is determined by the greater or lesser concentration of the ingredients and essential oils, as well as the skin type of each individual. Did you know that if you have a greasy skin, the scent lasts longer than if you have a dry skin?

Now, let's not make the mistake of thinking that a woody, spicy or resinous fragrance is more intense than a floral or citrus one. In fact, some floral perfumes are more intense than woody perfumes!

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