For GROWN ALCHEMIST, there is a biological, chemical and physiological connection between beauty and health. On this theory, brothers Jeremy and Keston Muijs founded this organic cosmetics brand. And they did this by surrounding themselves with a great team of specialists in the workings of the human body and daily skin care.

The philosophy of GROWN ALCHEMISTorganic cosmetics, of Australian origin, is based on beauty treatments for the face, the body and the hair which are divided into three phases: cleanse, detoxify and activate.

Precisely, one of the hallmarks of GROWN ALCHEMISTis what is known as 'double cleansing': the first "undresses" the skin, shall we say, and the second cleanses it.

Its formulations, based on organic, bioactive and antioxidant ingredients, have led GROWN ALCHEMIST to lead a new era in skin care.

Bearing in mind that, over the years, our cells lose their ability to produce vital proteins such as collagen and elastin, the cosmetics of this firm get the skin to generate them again on its own.

P.D.We have never before found such a good and effective organic brand!

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