Fresh fragrances

Fresh perfumes are loved by everyone. They are cheerful, vital and a guarantee of success.

Let's put ourselves in the situation: we have to make a gift to someone who loves perfumes, but we don't know him very well. How about a fragrance, a fresh perfume?

Gifting perfumes has never been an easy task. In fact, there are those who would never do it in order not to take the risk. And he's right! Personal fragrances are, as the name suggests, very personal.

However, a fresh perfume is an (almost) sure hit. Who doesn't like the aroma given off by neroli, lemon or orange? Let's think of that little boy, freshly showered and scented with a children's cologne...

That's why, because they are almost a sure hit, fresh fragrances will always be present in the scent catalog of the best brands. This is the case of diptyque, a French company that has created highly successful olfactory creations.

One of them is Eau des Sens. Can you imagine concentrating the scent of a Sevillian orange tree in a bottle of perfume? From diptyque you will also fall in love with L'Eau de Néroli, a citrusy, fresh and perfect summer (or winter) eau de toilette that will remind you of your childhood.

Because, precisely, the good thing about fresh fragrances is that they are for all year round: whether it's cold, hot, rainy or sunny...They never disappoint!

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