Diptyque perfumes

The Diptyque universe of aromas is also that of its perfumes. Unique fragrances, with a story, a note, an emotion...

The perfumes of Diptyque, the Parisian house at 34 boulevard Saint Germain, encompass an immense world of aromas, emotions, memories and experiences that capture the best moments of our lives to relive them again and again.

Diptyque's fragrances are unique, almost unrepeatable, all with a reference to a place, a story, a myth, a feeling that Diptyque knows how to capture like no one else, in a unique way, to make it part of the wearer's identity.

Floral and joyful, spicy and intimate, sweet and sensual, fresh and vital, oriental and deep...; a complete range of fragrances that, from Paris to Vietnam, from classical Greece to modern cities, are a complete range of experiences and places converted into the most exquisite and unmistakable perfumes, those of Diptyque.

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